EDitorial ± 17-Feb-2016

TT1516, Week 18

That Natalie said she could play, then that Natalie said she couldn't play. These things happen. In stepped muggins who'd been looking forward to a hard night staring blankly at a blank piece of blank paper. Out with the bicycle and out into the chill for the short ride across Norwich Road, Bramford Lane and Bramford Road. Con Club ahoy.

Us boys are once more back in town for the rematch against high-flying Rosary Blue (previously) with green Matt, the best a man can John Gillett, and Oh Phil Phil. In brief:

  • single point for Ed, going down in straight games to Matt and John
  • nowt for Steve, beaten in the fifth by big Phil
  • excellent hard fought two points for Yang, outnetting Phil in five but saving his best to claw back from 2-0 down to win against Matt

Never in the doubles were Ed and Yang when facing the formidable pair of Matt and John. Still, always good to catch up with John and spectator Adrian. Both chilly and wet when leaving with our three snatched points.