EDitorial ± 19-Oct-2016

TT1617, Defiants v. Wulfs

Two games, two draws. That's about as mid-table as you can possibly get, and that'll more than do for the Defiants in our bid to remain afloat in Div 2. Perhaps, though, we haven't yet played the better teams?

Enter BT Wulfs who, if memory serves, usually oscillate between the top two leagues. Not quite good enough to stay up in the premier and yet too good to remain in Div 1. What, then, are they doing down among the likes of us? There's webmaster Steve, who pretty much singlehandedly runs the BT table tennis club, plus big-hitting Trevor and unknown Mark. Should be a hoot. In brief:

  • duck for Ed
  • duck for Steve
  • duck for Helen

Not a lot more to say. Played on a single table at their request, but all our huffin' and puffin' was for nought. Highlight for me was trying to bounce the ball off a wall between games only for said 40mm ball to fly out of the window, a metaphor for the entire evening. Been a while since our last 10-0 drubbing. Never fun.