EDitorial ± 25-Oct-2016

TT1617, Defiants v. Capel C

How's about we all agree to never ever speak of last week's game again? Alright by everyone? The season must go on, though, and it's time to get back on the horse. Come on, y'all, giddy-up.

Potentially nowhere near as scary as those BT W*lfs are Capel C. That said, they're fresh from a 7-3 victory over our stablemates, the Thunderbirds, so this ain't gonna be easy. Especially when deadblackrubber Peter walks through the door followed by cack-handed Mark and Canterbury Richard. At least Natalie's back with us tonight, currently on a cool one hundred per cent with three out of three. She'll do well to still have that record at the end of the evening. In brief:

  • exceptional 3/3 for Natalie, edging past Mark in five ends in the first of her three individual wins
  • alright 1/3 for Steve, battling back to sneak past Richard in five
  • OK 2/3 for Ed, clawing back from 9-6 down in the fifth end to sweat his way past Peter before being undone by Mark

Over to Natalie and Ed for the doubles with a rare win already guaranteed. First four ends all ended 11-9 before Capel came good. We'll absolutely take that 6-4 win, ta very much. Nice one, Natalie, again!