EDitorial ± 6-Dec-2016

TT1617, Defiants v. ISC B

Unintended week off for the Defiants after last week's 11th hour postponement by the opposition pleading only two players. Played it all wrong and should have insisted on the game going ahead. Need those points. Oh well. Moving on.

Good to see Natalie and Steve come through the door this evening. If we were going to stand any chance at all of grabbing some points, we'd at least need the full complement of players. Visiting tonight, you see, were ISC B, riding as high in the league as we are low. There's spinny Barry, smooth Chris R-C (last seen some five years ago) and sullen Chris M. Given the time of year, that's a mass of Chris's. In brief:

  • disappointing 0/3 for Natalie, winning all of her first games and going 2-0 up against Chris R-C but never quite crossing the line
  • disappointing 0/3 for Steve, too, unable to deal with some tough serves and unfortunate to lose to Chris M in the fifth
  • surprising 2/3 for Ed, out-Barrying Barry (inc. a shot off the net post) and outthinking Chris R-C (who smashed a ball)

Customary Ed and Natalie in the doubles to try and grab a third point. Terrific scrap went the distance with four deuce games before we caved in the final end. Just the two points, then. Yet another tough night.