EDitorial ± 21-Apr-2017

Light Lunches: G&T's, Yoxford

And thrice they shall visit the venerable High Street of yonder Yoxford:

  • first occasion, stardate 2013, 'twas the actual Post Office with in-built caff
  • second occasion, stardate 2015, 'twas the not long lived Louie Lou's
  • third time, stardate 2017, 'tis the award-winning G&T's

We spent a quality lunchtime there on Friday 21st April. Three days later they won the highly covetable award for Best Coffee stroke Tea Shop in the 2017 EADT Suffolk Food & Drink Awards. Coincidence? Probably, though we were aware of their nomination along with Aldeburgh's Cragg Sisters and The Tea Hut. NB winner in 2016 was Applaud, the pride of Ipswich.

G and T are Gina and Thalia, busy cooking up a storm here since 2016. I'd been here a couple of times previously with various friends and family and been v. impressed. Savoury choices for me and Andy were the smoked chicken and mango salad (I know) and a pork & chorizo sausage roll, both highly original, with a Bottle Green and Fentimans on the side. Loadsa local goodies, too, inc. Stokes, Scarlet and Mustard, local choc and Earl Soham's very own Paddy and Scotts.

Come for the savoury but stay for the cakes. Given the distance from Martlesham, we ran out of time and had to settle for a takeaway slab of choc truffle cake with a knockout flat white. They're busy, busy, and open on the odd evening too. Go To G&T's.

If it was a car -- MGB GT.
If they were passing by -- Glenn Tilbrook.