EDitorial ± 18-May-2017

Light Lunches: Wild Blackberry Cafe, Bromeswell

Bromeswell? Yeah, good, thanks, although I do still try to say "fine" rather than "good" 'cos of the whole adverb thang. Not that I've got anything against Americanisms, you understand. Language evolves, does it not?

News reached me via a review in the blessed EADT that the righteous Ruddy Duck, attached to Swann's Nursery, had issued its final quack. In its place is now the Wild Blackberry, a fruity offshoot of Woodbridge's long-lasting and BLT-tastic Wild Strawberry. I'd like it noted that I like that leap from Fragaria to Rubus.

Dead of winter on our 2012 visit yet snug and cosy within. Now deep into spring and the place seems outdoorsy and relaxing. Much decking, many tables. Andy engages in some berry banter with the hard-working ladies behind the counter and gets as good as he gives. Special of the day is lasagne, a tad warming for a day such as this. I'll stick with the toasted panini with hummous. Takes a while but then again it's surprisingly busy for somewhere apparently so out of the way. Food well worth the wait, though.

Had a power cut at work that morning hence no particular desire to return in a hurry especially when we've got everything we need right here. Me having shelled out for firsts, Andy pops back in for seconds, followed shortly after by a very good flat white and a quality slab of carrot cake. Breakfast, lunch, and open seven days a week. Nice one.

If it was a car -- TX4 Black Cab.
If they were passing by -- Alastair Campbell.