EDitorial ± 26-Oct-2018

Felixstowe Light Lunches: Laydens Community Cafe

Waiting outside a windy reception. Several minutes past our appointed meeting time. How long to give the undisputed prince of punctuality? Thinking this and of course he arrives in the Fiat Lux. On the 400m drive to the first A12 roundabout and not yet decided on a destination. Well done, us.

An idle Friday morning browse had turned up all the usual pre-visited suspects. Left here, expand that, and an unknown one popped up. To Felixstowe, driver, and off on the docks road to turn off by Morrison's. Guessing that Jackie's has vanished since our visit ten years ago? Unknown 'Stowe now, pastures new. Behind that group of kids, apparently, sits our source of food. Literal good sign sat outside says that the Laydens Community Cafe opens Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm. Thanks, Google Maps lady, for those directions.

Getting that commcafe vibe previously experienced at Claydon with local info, WiFi and a toy box. Kev would have loved it. Pro set-up here with a sizeable menu. Snap as we both opt for the six item breakfast for £3.50, neither of us capable of dealing with the twelve item big boy's version. Especially true for Andy since he's been stuffing himself at Aldeburgh while "helping out".

Plate comes loaded with bacon and egg and fried potato cubes (yum) and beans with toast and juice. Like Hanrahan, I counted them all out. Staff are super friendly and clearly doing a fine job. That same sign outside is encouraging you to volunteer here too. Meanwhile I'm volunteering to finish Andy's FPCs since those Yorkshire eyes are too big for their belly. Now I'm full up to the brim too. No time and very much no space for cake.

If it was a car -- Leyland-Triumph 2000.
If they were passing by -- Hayden Christensen.