EDitorial ± 3-May-2019

Felixstowe Light Lunches: The Mad House

Fairly indifferent Friday, fahrenheit-wise, before the old SE beeped to inform me of an incoming stanza of free verse from Andy:

I'm parked outside your building no rush just call me when you're leaving I'm in the blue panda

Now he may have been up all night out of his head in his Boyton garret hoping that the man from Porlock didn't call, or he might just have dashed that off in the car. Note how he intially conforms to the haiku syllabic structure and then subverts it. Either way, that's top work, and I write as a published poet, ahem-hem.

Into the Fiat Lux and here's a Batey-esque couple of Cassys, both Mr and Mrs. More the merrier as we pootle down to the 'Stowe. Ever so slightly past the library to be dropped off outside Unit 4. American Diner? Nope. Steak 'n' Grill? Nope. Welcome to The Mad House, an Alice in Wonderland themed eatery opened by Amber and Hannah in March 2019. Nearly all tables occupied, pleasingly, apart from a four-person sized space on the couch in the corner. And here's Kev wearing a Cheshire Cat smile on his day off.

Extensive menu is an exercise in combination theory with so many possible permutations of outers and inners. Can't get chilli in a baguette, alas. Mid-sized all day breakfast for me, ta very much. Smiling young lady checks if I'd like that "with meat". Oh, yes. See, they offer all manner of vegetarian and vegan and gluten-free options here, which is no bad thing. Wall behind our sofa has whatever the collective noun is for many clocks. You could entertain the kids all day simply playing I-Spy in here.

Food takes a fair while -- the price of being freshly made and with the shop pretty much full -- but is vg when it comes. Mrs Cassy's veg bacon strip is everything it promised to be. Only me working today and my time's up, so have to make do with an excellent and highly calorific Bournville dream shake. And yes, I'll have the cream on top. You don't have to be mad to go there but it helps.

If it was a car -- Ford Falcon XB GT.
If they were passing by -- Mia Wasikowska.