EDitorial ± 29-Nov-2019

I Play The Street View

Darn chilly biking back around 6pm. Glad of me gloves. That'll learn me to still be wearing three-quarter shorts in late November. Let us now both compare and contrast with June this year when me and the boy Andy had un moment tres agreable at The Green Room, Ipswich's new funky French food place.

Like what I wrote at the time, there we were, awaiting our dejeuner, when who should drive by but Sergey Brin himself, the 10th richest man in the world. You'd recognise his little car 'cos it's got a big old Instamatic on the roofrack. Bonjour, Street View. Ca va?

Well, they've now got the film back from their local Boots and put those 6x4s online. I remain unashamed to have chased that car around the block. Go take a look yourself here. Andy's in the shades and short sleeves. C'est moi in the gilet bleu, bien sur.

— Bike —

Pictured: Saracen's House and St Margaret's church

Securely locked to a handy, er, bus stop is the current bicyclette, an ultra hi-vis Raleigh Strada. With, note, my bike helmet draped over the handlebars. Safety first, kids.

— Green Room —

Pictured: The Green Room Cafe & Atelier

Right to left shows YT, Andy the original Eco Warrior, a regular enjoying his coffee, plus his dog. And his mobility scooter that we'll all be driving one day. NB, had a lovely coffee and croissant breakfast at The Green Room last week prior to dropping off My Art. As you do.

— Manor Ballroom —

Pictured: The Manor Ballroom

Everything is connected, no? The Manor Ballroom is a regular table tennis haunt but, more recently, was the mid-size venue for Sound City. Loved those Plastic Mermaids. That aside, I'm patiently waiting outside thinking that SV car would turn left. Instead, it turned right, leaving me stuck on the pavement.

I derive much amusement by looking at The Manor Ballroom lettering on the wall above the entrance. As of June 2019, it read "THE MAN_R _ALL_OO_".

— Car Wash —

Pictured: Hand Car Wash

Used to be an old car showroom or garage (Revett's?), I believe, on St Margaret's Street or Plain. Included an odd little layby where people would sometimes park.

After its final use as an exhaust centre, it became derelict and was razed to the ground. There was a brief time when that offered a decent view towards the houses at the bottom of St Margaret's Green. Now there's a delightful blue painted fence housing a car wash.

You see that Street View camera, you owe it to yourself to run alongside.