EDitorial ± 11-Jan-2020

Ipswich Lunches: Papaky

Plans had been made for an outing on Friday 10th: big plans, grand plans to tick off somewhere distant. Didnae happen hence my solo trip to the Martlesham Costa Drive Thru. Let me put it on the 33 or 45 that their meal deal is much improved. I had a BOL lentil and cauli daal, bag o' crisps AND a decent flat white for change from a fiver. Sweet potato, indeed.

A collectable weekend visit is proposed and seconded. 12:30? suggested Andy. His actual arrival time, 13:05. Clearly he hadn't used the morning to shave. He joined me at my squeezed table in Papaky. Open no more than a few months, they've taken over the old Jaceys 2 Go place opposite the Corn Exchange. Had plenty to gawp at while waiting with a plum view of both the Arcade St Tavern (ex Morgans, ex Poets) and the big overhead telly showing the highlights of Moreirense 2-4 Porto. Gol!

I was already ten minutes in to my prato enorme of cod cakes served with salad. And rice. And chips. Grateful for my can of Guarana, first sampled at the long-gone Brasilia Cafe, then again at the current O Portugues and once more at Flavours Of Portugal, which I believe is also now named Papaky. Unofficially, the national animal of Portugal is the rooster or cockerel. Kevin the Cockerill is unavailable for comment.

Not sure what everyone else was having but there was a lot of pork going on and a lot of food being put into takeaway foil containers. The boy Andy, keen to save space for pudd, has gone for a muito pequeno chorizo roll. And, to drink, a pineapple Sumol as per O Patio. Him nicely savouried up, me absolutely stuffed, he's back to grab some sweetness of which there is stackloads. They're as much a bakery here, clearly evident from the sugary treats on show. Big meringue pastry, two custard tarts, and a pair of hair-on-your-chest espressos. Zowie!

Plenty popular is Papaky, the punters piling in for Portuguese piquancy. Perfect preparation too for a pm at Portman Road praising the players of Ipswich Town FC as they put four past the poor Accrington goalie.

If it was a car -- Asterio Roadster.
If they were passing by -- Alan Brazil.