EDitorial ± 12-Dec-2021

Ipswich Lunches: Pit Stop Cafe

Not been an overload of outings recently due to that Andy awaiting his newly minted licence from a certain Swansea-based government agency. He has to renew his every three years due to the Parkinson's; I'm the same due to some spectacularly poor visual field tests. We could be bookends.

Now he's back behind the wheel and sat "at table 2" according to a text that pops in as I'm locking my bike. In with mask, sit down, remove mask: it's me! Table 2 is the best seat in the house, this place being the Pit Stop Cafe within Victoria's Bakery. Opposite the Royal Oak, apparently now also some sort of caff, Penelope's Pit Stop has replaced Sylv's Kitchen which we visited some four years ago. New place opened towards the end of 2020 according to the EADT so clearly not a secret. Typically Andy's already sipping coffee and is taking delivery of his "monster bap" with double bacon, double sausage plus an egg. That lad remains an athlete.

Same for me, please, waitress, though minus a sausage and add a hash brown. Drinks? I'll help myself to a Fruit Burst from the fridge next door, thanks: smart new seating area is to the right, working bakery counter is to the left, reminiscent of the set-up at the old Anchor Bakery. There follows much catch-up amid the chewing about family, ping-pong and that nasty looking Omicron thingy. Surely they won't Christmas again?

All manner of breakfastery is on offer along with jackets and sarnies, all very freshly prepared. Things are obviously working given the other folk here: an artery road makes a good spot for an eatery. Carbs taken, let's cake. It's a blinkin' bakery for goodness sake so there's croissants, cupcakes, pain au raisin and generally too much choice. In keeping with the season, it's an apple strudel (with cream) for him and a big ol' slab of Christmas cake for me. Mighty glad I was on my bike for some fresh air afterwards but equally glad that I was heading the right way, namely down Bishop's Hill.

If it was a car -- The Compact Pussycat.
If they were passing by -- Victoria Derbyshire.