EDitorial ± 8-Feb-2023

Light Lunches: Chestnut & Rose, Kesgrave

On a dark January evening I encountered a pothole (see previously) in deepest Kesgrave, and that pothole won. Must remember that yawning cavity, I think every evening cycling along Edmonton Road. A week into February I finally stopped by the crater to grab its exact location. Went to report it online next day only to find someone had already done so four weeks previously: "size of a teaplate", they wrote. That's a generous plate. Suffolk County Council promise an 8-week turnaround: we shall see. Oh, and I went straight in and out of it yet again that same day.

Close by is Penzance Road where, looking at the Street View from April 2022, we find Kesgrave Butchers. T'ain't there now -- both the baker and candlestick maker had already packed in -- replaced in January 2023 by Chestnut & Rose. We stop by the One Stop, grateful for a free spot, and, despite that warming overhead sun, we'll head inside rather than take a smoker's outside table. Barely open for a fortnight and man, the joint is jumpin', almost entirely with female pairs. Interior has a striking palette of orange with bluey-green, and those bespoke C&R aprons are a quality touch as are the distinctive wooden wall mounts.

Nicely restrained menu has jackets 'n' sarnies 'n' soup 'n' things on toasted sourdough including creamy mushrooms (for the driver) and homemade baked beans (for his passenger). Both do the job, and my can of Green's sour cherry was a treat; don't recall seeing that brand before. Halfway through my beans, I realise that we're meat-free: this is a fully plant-based cafe. That whole idea seemed a novelty when we swung by The Greenhouse Cafe in Felixstowe.

Andy came direct from the physio and I've worked two-and-a-half days this week so we're both due a treat from the cake-covered counter. My Biscoff rocky road was an absolute treat, and I think Andy enjoyed his diminutive carrot cake: Sarah the owner came over to apologise for its dinkiness and to offer a £1 refund. Sarah's gone from online bounty boxes to bricks and mortar; well, we thought 'er place was ace.

If it was a car -- Chestnut Bronze Nissan Qashqai
If they were passing by -- Billie Piper.