EDitorial ± 2-Jun-2023

Light Lunches: Marco's Smokeshed, A12

Once he dug out his ID -- no pass, no entry, remember -- Andy's Bluemotion was directly outside my office in no time. Probably about two minutes later we pulled over into a layby between the Martlesham Park & Ride and Woodbridge roundabouts. Wouldn't want to walk it.

Here be Marco's Smokeshed, flag aloft and offering "locally sourced award-winning fresh produce", so not your typical burger van. Scary short stroll from the VW to the wagon feeling the wind of cars whipping by. Waited for guys ahead of us then decision time. Brie & cranberry from the specials board? For the driver, a bacon cheeseburger, and for his passenger, the double-everything bacon & egg & sausage in a tiger stick. Credit to Andy for producing £13.50 worth of coinage, plus another £2.40 for cans of Dr Pepper and Fanta Fruit Twist. With you in a minute, boys. Wonder if Jan's Baps is/are still going?

Really didn't take long before I was safely back in the low-emission car holding a burger box and a foil-wrapped baguette, reminiscent of Brightwell bus cafe, which seems like it's no more, alas. On to the Martlesham recreation ground -- chilly out, so stayed bemotored -- to enjoy our Friday fry-ups, and boy they were fantastic. Quality ingredients will tell.

Me particularly in need of my lunchtime jolt, last stop of the lunchtime at Greggs with mandatory cake-shaped item on the side. That Andy fella should do a YouTube masterclass on how to consume a vanilla slice.

If it was a car -- Marcos Mantis.
If they were passing by -- Marco Pierre White.