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EFB FAQL: you what? Let me explain:
  • EFB = Edward Freston Broom, but you can call me Ed
  • FAQL = frequently asked questions list
So, these are frequently asked questions, some of which are in fact genuine, concerning Edward Freston Broom (i.e. me!) and/or this site. Read & learn.

Question 1
  Alternative logo lettering
Q: Why's this site called freston.net?
A: It's called freston.net 'cos certain other possibilities had already been registered as domain names before I came along; check out the international sites page for more on this. By the way, big tip of the hat to Martin Brazill for pointing out that freston.net was available. And for threatening to register it if I didn't.
Question 2
  Nothing to declare
Q: But why "freston", specifically?
A: Well, it is my middle name, doncha know.
Question 3
  Six storeys of pure folly
Q: What's that tower-type thing in the logo?
A: That happens to be called Freston Tower since, in true Ronseal manner, it's a tower and it's in the village of Freston. And it might just be the oldest folly in the country.
Question 4
  You are entering Freston
Q: So Freston's also the name of a village?
A: Just to the south of Ipswich, which is where I live, is the village of Freston. There's not a great deal to it, truth to tell, but it does have the Tower, the Boot (village pub) and one or two other buildings of interest.
Question 5
  Michael J Fox
Q: Who do you look like?
A: Apparently there's a slight resemblance to Michael J Fox. Think Marty McFly rather than Teen Wolf. Go compare & contrast and see what they're talking about.
Question 6
  Fentimans ginger beer, botanically brewed
Q: Is it true you don't drink?
A: Teetotal, not a word of a lie. Nothing stronger than Fentimans ginger beer passes my lips, ever since I realised that I couldn't account for two periods of my life: 1984-1987 (the "Exeter years"), and 1986-1997 (the "BT years"). This might be better explained with a Venn diagram.
Question 7
  Large cappuccino, please
Q: You don't drink, you don't smoke, what do you do?
A: Very clean-living, me, but I am more than partial to a cup of half-decent coffee every now and then, preferably with a pastry or bread-product on the side.
Question 8
  Scarred for life
Q: How did you get that scar on your arm?
A: When I was but a wee babby, I somehow caught something called infantile cortical hyperostosis. Which meant that my right arm swelled up, and I had to go into hospital so the surgeons could open it up to find out what was going on. As I've grown, so the scar has stretched.
Question 9
  Nice piece of brass
Q: Didn't you used to be in a brass band?
A: At school (and in the junior version of the Salvation Army) we had a brass band, in which I played the euphonium: picture, if you will, a smaller version of a tuba. After school I tried and failed to convert to the trumpet. I'm still bugged by this.
Question 10
  Two chewed juggling balls
Q: How many balls can you juggle?
A: Three easily. Four comfortably. Five on a very good day in a high-ceilinged room with no distractions, maximum concentration and given the right sunspot and tidal conditions. In other words, not very often.

Amended 14-Jun-2001 by EFB