EDitorial ± 6-Feb-2012

Words With Friends

Curse you, Words With Friends. It's late, stupidly late, the heating went off two hours ago and I need to be up in six hours time. So why am I sitting on the bathroom floor figuring out the optimum way to lay QAT on your brightly coloured board? There's no prize for beating my opponent. Heck, I don't even know who my opponent is beyond their cryptic username. Yes, 23 points is an ok score given the tiles thus far. But I know I can get 30+. I just haven't figured it out yet.

Curse you, Words With Friends. In the mornings there's not a huge amount of spare time between showering, emptying the dishwasher, fixing some porridge and assembling a packed lunch. Yet there you lurk, pulsing away under that leather iPad case inviting me to respond to any overnight moves. I must be strong, I must not yield. One...quick...peek. Won't take long.

Curse you, Words With Friends. Little bit late back from work - your fault for making me late in - family already eaten so only me at the table. Me and my tablet. Reheated meal, glass of fizz and a handful of games to catch up on. Nice. Go easy. No rush. Must be able to stretch over to that DW square. Sending move ... played DAEMON for 33 points. That'll do.

Curse you, Words With Friends. Waiting for moves, you say? That's really not good enough. The evening is young and I'm ready to play, to cast my spells, to show off my comprehensive school vocab, to land that triple letter. Send those wordshy opponents a message: hey, your turn!

Curse you, Words With Friends. I need to help The Boy with his homework. I need to catch up with the post. I need to start that novel. There's no such thing as One Quick Go, and you know that perfectly well. Has Nana O consulted with Grandad O and used that tempting triple word? Has Nana B put down XI again? Is AG a permissible two letter word? So many questions.

Curse you, Words With Friends. My move? I'll drop everything!