EDitorial ± 30-Oct-2000

Doctorin' The House

I've not been well this past week.

On the night of Tuesday 24th October I went to bed. Earlier I'd eaten some home-cooked chilli, taped Attachments and played a game of badminton. All well & good. But suddenly things stopped being both well & good as an attack of the shivers hit me. I was hot, I was cold, hot, cold, etc. And, as has happened to me before, my mind left me behind while I went doolally in the dark. I could NOT think straight.

The thing about not thinking straight is not being aware of not thinking straight, if you see what I mean. There I was, a-tossing and a-turning, alternately sweating and freezing, while my grey matter took some time off in lieu. I could read the Sony radio-alarms' LEDs, declaring it to be 03:30, but at no point did it strike me that a brace of paracetemol might be a half-decent idea.

He Might Never Play The Piano Again

Any road up, lyric time:

Does the body rule the mind
Or does the mind rule the body?
I dunno.
— Still Ill, The Smiths
The upside of sitting around at home, feeling sorry for myself, was watching stacks of stuff on video that had been sitting around for an indeterminate time, eg:
  • hours old - Attachments (as mentioned): seethru goings-on
  • months old - Rebus: Ian Rankin's Edinburgh cop
  • a year old - Il Postino: Italian postman film, on last Christmas
Now and then, in between hitting eject and slamming in the next E180, I'd see weirdness. Could have been due to my temperature, though perhaps more likely to have been glimpses of daytime television. The horror!

If You Take Away With You Nothing Else
Remember kids:

  1. look after yourself,
  2. five portions of fruit and veg a day,
  3. you are the weakest link, goodbye!
Be seeing you!