EDitorial ± 22-Jun-2015

Miss Otis Has No Regrets

(my winning entry in the Micro Bookends 1.36 weekly competition having the first word "URBAN", the last word "LEGEND" and based on that lift photo, and as published on the Micro Bookends website)

"Urban Design" reads the self-adhesive sign on the closing door. Beryl wonders what became of that polished brass “Planning” plaque which greeted her for 35 years. Jim probably pocketed it when he retired. He got golf clubs. She has Amazon vouchers.

"Don’t forget us, Beryl!"

"I won’t!"

I already have, she thinks, glancing down at the 5pm gridlock. Jim’s idea, that one-way system.

As usual, one lift is dead. Such a shame they removed the paternoster. "On you hop, it doesn’t stop!" was Jim’s catchphrase.

In the lift door, Beryl catches herself blushing. Those up-and-over journeys passed into legend.