EDitorial ± 13-Oct-2014

Live From the Foundation

(my winning entry in the Micro Bookends 1.01 weekly competition having the first word "FIRST", the last word "BORN" and based on that microphone photo, and as published on the Micro Bookends website)

First, a big hand for the caterers. What about those meatballs?!

My name’s Bob Hope. I’m no stranger to academy awards though I was a little surprised at your invitation. I guess these occasions can become a bore. Am I right, Niels?

I flew over today with Mr Oppenheimer there. That Enola Gay is so noisy, Bobby thinks he’s become deaf!

At the airport, I saw Werner Heisenberg. I think it was him. I can’t be certain.

On the road to Stockholm – tack – we broke down. Two hours we waited. Now I’m surrounded by mechanics!

Anyway, the winner of the 1954 Nobel Prize in Physics is… drum roll… Max Born!