EDitorial ± 21-Jun-2014


(short story published on The Write-In on 21-Jun-2014)

Hellish day. Home to find all the family stuck in front of the telly.

'Dad,' said Laura, 'it's going to be ok. Hashmal is here.'

News 24 showed a figure dropping - descending - on to the white H of a hotel roof. Footage was shaky, either from someone's phone or clever CGI. Hard to tell these days.

He nailed the landing, a perfect 10 from this judge, and walked to the railings overlooking the city. There, he spread his arms wide giving it the whole Christ the Redeemer pose.

Screen switched to a steady close-up. Such a serene face.

'Everyone,' I said, 'it's going to be ok. Hashmal is here.'