EDitorial ± 23-Apr-2001

Tears Before Bedtime

A sunny Sunday afternoon, so popped up the local rec for a kickabout with one of the gals, keen to try out the new Legoland football. Ball was very much up to scratch, even if the ground underfoot was still a tad soft and the grass a little long. As we headed back home via the local garage for a cold drink, I began to sneeze. Then another one erupted from my nose, and another, and so on.
Laugh at the tears you're crying
Smile while your head explodes
You don't have to take this lying down
So blow your nose, baby
— Divine Comedy: The Popsinger's Fear Of The Pollen Count
Things didn't stop when I got back indoors. Sneeze, blow nose, try to sneeze again, dab eyes, then repeat from start. Ransacked the house for suitable potions, but predictably enough both the tablets and the medicine had long since passed their best-before dates. Remember kids, it's very wrong to ignore those dates, especially if they're not even in the current year. So, had 10ml of child's decongestant (tasty!), and thankfully this kicked in after an hour or so.

Could be an awful lot worse, in that I generally get hay fever for no more than a handful of days each year. Used to be worse when I was at school sitting summer exams, the smell of freshly mown grass doing its best to permeate the Beconase nasal spray. Now that made my eyes water.

One tablet starts to work within minutes

Off to the pharmacist this morning en route to work, though I was feeling tons better. I'd be more than delighted if these latest allergy tablets - no drowsiness, 24hr relief - sat around on top of the microwave, not required, as their expiry date approaches. Unlikely though. It's July 2004.

If You Take Away With You Nothing Else

  1. rapeseed - why?
  2. also a play by Noel Coward
  3. quick, get me a tissue
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