EDitorial ± 25-Feb-2002


You'll need to take my word for it that this document, these words, this tract, if you will, is EDitorial #72. Digression already: my liking of that US notation, the "hash" or "sharp" sign to mean "number", can be directly traced back to buying DC comics as a kid. Cool, as El-Bel is all too fond of saying.

For one week only I've unilaterally decided to promote that section which often gets stuck away at the end of the page, below the vertical scroll-bar. So here, for your consideration, are 72 items in a numbered list.

If You Take Away With You Nothing Else

  1. Oscar for Best Picture in 1972: The Godfather
  2. two current BBC trailers use Radiohead tunes underneath
  3. three children, two hands, one short
  4. number of chicken nuggets in a Happy Meal
  5. the fab Crime Scene Investigation is back on Channel 5
  6. six is sum of its factors, excluding itself
  7. it's always Doc they forget
  8. mystic 8-ball says: the stars say no
  9. should I try to get out of tomorrow's 9am progress meeting?
  10. Mothercare goes up to ten
  11. Clooney, Pitt, Roberts, Garcia
  12. Telly Savalas
  13. baker's
  14. B---- H--- R---
  15. this many Rebus & Rankin novels already?
  16. hexadecimal 10
  17. time spent in the bathroom is proportional to age
  18. the age of majority
  19. Paul Hardcastle was here
  20. palindromic day last week: 20.02.2002
  21. tomorrow's TT game v. Norbridge is week 21
  22. Yossarian, Milo Minderbinder and Major Major
  23. that bloke who won Pop Idol was an Exeter graduate
  24. divisible by 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8
  25. quarter of a century - makes a girl think
  26. three-cubed minus one
  27. number of Brooms in the Ipswich phone book, excluding me
  28. another perfect number
  29. C---- D----
  30. my lil' sister was born in 1972
  31. current contract expires in 31 days (gulp)
  32. ASCII code for the space character, techy nerds
  33. 20p plus 10p plus 2p plus 1p
  34. approx this many leads in Gosford Park
  35. I'm 35: this becomes 40 with one significant figure
  36. one step closer to life beginning
  37. number of members of So Solid Crew
  38. max num of top quality pictures on 16Mb compact flash
  39. what is it good for, absolutely nothing
  40. days of temptation in the desert
  41. Spielberg, Belushi
  42. life, the universe, everything
  43. Best Actress 1972 went to Judy Garland's daughter
  44. war nearly over
  45. another great thing: E45 cream
  46. sweet rationing
  47. GBP4.70 in Vagabonds for chilli jacket & large cappuccino
  48. Eric Arthur Blair turned it around and got Big Brother
  49. a square in the act really sets music back
  50. nonagon coinage
  51. a number 1 record in 1972 was the first to use bagpipes
  52. 7 days times 52 weeks equals 364 days
  53. do geese see God?
  54. three-squared times double-three
  55. Happy Days
  56. this one always threw me on the times-tables: 7x8
  57. almost, biopsy, chintz
  58. my ebay feedback now stands at 58
  59. Presbyterians is an anagram of which singer?
  60. soixante
  61. come in number 19, your time is up
  62. Gary Powers, U2
  63. two to the power of six, minus one
  64. will you still need me, will you still feed me?
  65. big brother born
  66. Bobby Moore knows the score
  67. trombones in the grand parade: typo
  68. bagpipe record was by the longest-name act ever to top the charts
  69. Capricorn One, moon hoax
  70. three-score years and ten, and I'm halfway through
  71. film title: 71 Fragments Of A Chronology Of Chance
  72. three-squared times two-cubed equals seventy-two

Be seeing you!