EDitorial ± 8-Sep-2003

Five Hire A Cottage In Dorset

We've been to Wessex! Admittedly, didn't actually see any such bumper stickers, not even in the Seaton Gift Emporium. Though technically that's over the county border in deepest Devon, I do believe. Did you miss me (yeah!), while I was away? Oh.

Rainbow garden at Pecorama, Beer   Ammonite pavement outside the Philpot museum at Lyme Regis

Jolly memories of seven days and nights in Dorset (1984 est. pop. 617,800) from R to V:

Can't find me at West Bay   I'm sure it's this way: follow me!   Taking off at Seaton

Honourable not-to-be-forgotten-in-a-hurries concerning the boy:

  • searching for a dummy shop after banging his head on the cafe table
  • soaking his pushchair at Seaton
  • watching his expression change on the ride at Weymouth

At the third stroke   That big bloke on the hill has got his out!

And each of us is now pretty familiar with the words to such classics as Court Of King Caractacus, Michael Row The Boat Ashore, and Goodness Gracious Me. Boom biddy boom biddy boom biddy boom!

Be seeing you!