EDitorial ± 6-Oct-2003

Now We Are Three

What you know and love as the weekly EDitorial (or what Dave Miller on the guestbook pins down as my "inane ramblings") began in the first week of October three long years ago with glistening horse chestnuts and rhyming words.

Some have suggested that that should have been an end to it. Cue Viv & Neil with another equally penetrating observation:

The only thing that ever interests me...
Is me!
— I'm Bored, Bonzo Dog Band

Enough with the verbiage - let's run an ad:

Felixstowe prom, tiddly-pom, on a bracing Saturday afternoon

To those who occasionally pop along or who wander in through the ill-fitting door courtesy of a poorly executed Google search - thank you. I don't think of you so much as a readership, more as a browsing coracle.

Be seeing you!