EDitorial ± 1-Jun-2004

To Boulder Go

I've got a vague guilty feeling like a child who's wandered off without telling his parents or legally appointed guardian (a) where he's going and (b) when he'll be coming back. Apologies, y'all, and yes, I should know better.

My excuse? Been in Colorado to attend li'l sister's wedding, hot dang!

Friday 14-May-2004

My longest ever birthday, lasting approximately 31 hours across two continents. Began with a big box of marshmallows and ended at Denny's, across the highway from the hotel, eating chicken soup and French toast.
Best film of the eight or so available in the seat back screen was The Station Agent, starring Fin, a trainchasing little person who just wanted to be alone; recommended.

Saturday 15-May-2004

First full day in the town of Boulder, Colorado, staying at the characterful Boulder Broker.
Best move of the week was to serendipitously stumble across a pedal bike shop and decide to hire two for the week, and so take advantage of the miles and miles of cycle paths criss-crossing the town. Whee!
Best soda consumed was Original Stewart's Fountain Classics grape soda. Got the taste for grape from various USAF air shows in my youth. Ah!
Best unscheduled documentary appearance happened in the Boulder Bookstore, where the handful of people browsing at that time were asked to meet Dr Marc Bekoff, renowned animal behaviour expert. We posed some questions, received some fascinating answers, and were filmed in the process. Which was nice.

Sunday 16-May-2004

Joint best breakfast of the week at the Walnut Cafe: busy busy. Eventually seated for a monster breakfast burrito while Gail had the ranch eggs.
Sustained us for a bike ride along Boulder Creek and up 800ft into the foothills. Hard work at times on the ascent, then whizzed back down into town for some much-needed ice cream at Glacier. Key lime pie milkshake for me; Junior Mint ice cream for her.

Monday 17-May-2004

Having left the kids at home, thanks to a very generous offer from mother-in-law, we thought it would be a cool idea for them to see us (even if we couldn't see them). So we arranged to be downtown at 12.15pm, UK time 7.15pm, within sight of the Art Source live Pearl Street mall webcam. And they saw us!
Best little hike was at the fantabulous Chautauqua Park. Up, up and up on the bikes to 9th and Baseline, then up some more for great views of Boulder and the Flatirons. Love that altitude.

Tuesday 18-May-2004
Wedding day for ELB and NEK, but wait, we need some flowers! One quick trip on the trusty bike to a friendly florist in town, Renegade Rose, and we're sorted.
Slightly surreal moment 1 in courtroom C of the Rocky Mountain Justice Centre, when friends and family are invited to fill the twelve jury seats.
Slightly surreal moment 2 hours later at Casa Bonita, "the greatest show in Denver". All you can eat Mexican food, flame jugglers, secret caves, Galaga, and a mariachi band playing Happy Birthday to the Happy Couple.

Wednesday 19-May-2004

Joint best breakfast of the week at Lucile's — see below — then some serious pedalling to Wonderland Lake. Hiked around Hogsback Ridge in the blazing sun, pausing for sips of bottled water and views back over the town.
Best refreshment came once back in Boulder itself at the Bookends cafe; a bottle of special vitamin water meant to revitalise. Sure did need it. Couldn't help noticing that everyone's laptop has the Apple logo emblazoned on it: my kind of place!

Thursday 20-May-2004

Chickened out of hiring a car, so took the BX to Denver having visited the mighty impressive Boulder public library for some internet access. Only 45mins to the mile high city, then hopped on to another bus in search of Cherry Creek Mall. Upmarket shops, to say the least — Saks, Tiffany, Mont Blanc — and the Apple store. Had my name appear at the Genius Bar, which thrilled me: how sad is that.
Best film on telly, A Mighty Wind, starring those talented Spinal Tap chaps.

Friday 21-May-2004

Checked out of the hotel, and up to The Hill (student part of town) for water, candy and a cap from the shop opposite the local Onion offices. On to Chautauqua for the McClintock trail. School buses and schoolkids a-plenty.
Best open air meal at the Dining Hall, though not the best time for the Visa card to stop working.
Sa(i)d farewell to the bikes, then hopped on the Super Shuttle to Denver International Airport to kill some time writing postcards and eating cookies.

And The Rest
That Lucile's breakfast in full — this is called "pain perdu" and is made up of (from the top, clockwise) French toast, warm maple syrup, egg, spicy sausage and assorted fresh fruit, washed down with coffee and a shared litre of freshly squeezed orange juice. Doesn't get much better though we did struggle to get up from our seats afterwards.

Good to see the kids again back at Heathrow holding up their handmade Mummy, Daddy, Broom signs. Hello again reality.

Be seeing you!