EDitorial ± 13-Dec-2004

It Has To Be The Nordman

You have to love the lights, doncha? I'm sure that there were one or two households out there who couldn't even wait for December to arrive, and who must have been shinning up ladders or hanging out of windows to hang their seasonal bling while the month still began with an N.


Looking at my scribbled lunchtime notes (ever the professional), I seem to be reliving a day from almost exactly two years ago, including the cutting cold though excluding my Tijuana Christmas tape, mysteriously AWOL. Perhaps the taste police have raided the car?


Trilogy of pre-Christmas highlights from last week:

  1. Radio Times 14-day guide: stacks of classic films (Manchurian Candidate, Bonnie & Clyde, Wicker Man, and so on) to tape while we break out the board games; pleased to see Midsomer make the coveted Big Day
  2. Notcutts: 'er outdoors was oddly quick to choose this year's tree, now sitting outside in a bucket of water; it's all in the shape and shake
  3. NME double issue, out already: Franz Ferdinand got album of the year; I may be shelling out for the runners-up, The Libertines

All of which prompted me to finally start my Christmas shopping today from the comfort of a web browser. Three cheers for the Interweb and the Royal Mail!

Be seeing you!