EDitorial ± 28-Jun-2005

Go, Go, Power Rangers

The Boy turned five yesterday: living room carpet now obscured by Power Rangers, Mega Bloks, Knex and more Power Rangers (Dino Thunder, naturally). He was having fun with his friction powered gold Dalek too, though did manage to drop and break his £1.99 light-up fan in the playground.

So good ol' Dad, who's not just there for the nasty things in life, shelled out for a replacement en route home. Which birthday boy duly let slip on to the dining room floor about 30 minutes later. Upon reassembly, it still lights up but the propellor doesn't propel. Your £3.98 doesn't go far these days.

But, after watching the first Dr Who episode again on his new DVD, we had fun putting together one of the Mega Bloks models - thumbs up for clear instructions and a nice carry case.