EDitorial ± 3-Sep-2005

Day 3 === The Thirsty Third

Sanctuary, [n]: (1) that place in Logan's Run (where Michael York gave battle in vain) which they tried to reach in search of Peter Ustinov (2) part of a song title by The Cult, in which an unspecified female is vending such a product or service (3) a new cafe/restaurant in the quaint borough of Ipswich.

Me and three kids, all of us on bikes, found Sanctuary around 4pm. One OJ, a plastic-bottled Sprite and a glass-bottled Fat Coke for those under 11, and something highly caffeinated for the responsible parent. Plus a generous slice of carrot cake. What's good? It's all good. Friendly staff, and they even offered the kids a free pastry each.

Also picked up a leaflet for next weekend's Heritage Open Days in the town. The usual suspects are opening their doors - Willis, Bethesda, etc - but there's also Freston Tower and, slightly closer to home, the usually closed Broomhill Pool. I'll be doing the short journey up the road to see what sort of state it's in: unlike the Sanctuary, not good, I guess.