EDitorial ± 17-May-2006

Tonight We Fly

Didn't watch the Gooners in tonight's big big footy game -- well, at least not as it happened -- 'cos off to a gig. Been a fan of The Divine Comedy since they appeared on the old Radcliffe Radio 5 late night show years back, when Neil Hannon did "When The Lights Go Out", and they've not drifted from my most-played list.

Only other time I saw them live was at The Junction in cosmo Cambridge perhaps ten years ago, and that's where they resurfaced this evening.

  • frustratingly, the new album isn't due out for another few weeks
  • understandably, they played half-a-dozen as yet unheard tracks
  • amazingly, encore included a song from Fanfare For The Comic Muse, his impossible-to-get debut and deleted album

Still, great to hear some of the older songs tonight, esp. Queen Of The South (maintaining that football theme) and an impassioned Tonight We Fly ("this is the best life").

Less taken with some others, inc. Eye Of The Needle, a dirge, and an ambitious cover of The Associates' Party Fears Two: sure he's got the voice to approach Billy Mackenzie, but the chug-chugga-chug backing drowned him out. Eight piece band tonight making plenty of noise: I'd say too much.

Straight out of The Likely Lads, I'd taped the football to watch when I got back and was determined to avoid hearing the result. So it gets to the end of the gig and Mr Hannon, a Man United fan, announces delightedly to the whole crowd that Arsenal have lost. The swine.