EDitorial ± 20-Apr-2007

Memorable Quotes Of Mr. Potato Head

Usual post-work Friday routine, meeting between 50 and 100 per cent of the family at Crown Pools for The Boy's swimming lesson. He is, I believe, a duckling: OK on his front, less so when flipped on to his back.

Deal is that father & son go for a dip straight after his lesson, floundering around in the leisure pool (newsflash: wave machine now fixed!) until I can lure him out with the promise of a Friday night takeaway.

Earlier today he'd lost an upstairs tooth -- during assembly -- and was proudly showing me The Gap. He was also jiggling another wobbler, this one in the basement.

Down he disappeared, yet again, into the pleasantly warm water, emerging like Esther Williams and holding up an unattached teensy tooth.

Spitting out a forensically significant blob-let of blood, he announced, "I'm Picasso!"