EDitorial ± 24-Aug-2007

2007 Tour: Riverside Kiosk, Woodbridge

[The EDitor is on holiday, so thanks awf'ly to Andy Cassy for this guest review]

Our last unofficial visit to Woodbridge for the season, and without our anchor man too (at least that's what I think they called him). It was therefore left for the support crew to rendezvous at the Riverside Kiosk - next to the Whistlestop by the Station. NB Since our original review, The Whistlestop now has outside seating as well thanks to the lovely re-modelling of the station car park area. A much more pleasant and safe place to be as you depart the station on foot towards town.

True to form, both arriving trendily late from opposite points of the compass after eating our home made savouries beforehand, knowing the Kiosk had a limited food choice - good selection of teas and real coffee, with a few packaged cakes and a wonderful array of ice creams (about 15 different flavours from memory).

Grenvyle had a lovely pot of tea, served on a tray with separate hot water too, to help wash down a meaty flapjack. Andy went for the Brownie and Latte. Only later did we see the sign for ice cream flavoured milk shakes. How could he resist. Excellent choice of flavours with great potential but a bit too watery for our liking -- they could learn a lot from a visit to The Black Tiles and ask for a Defiants smoothy special, provided they don't get thrown out!

So we sat amongst the Riverside restaurant lunchtime diners (a definite challenge to the Tide Mill Waterfront Cafe I'd say) and watched the world drift by before departing our own separate ways once more.

If it was a car -- Smart Car.
If they were passing by -- Ronnie Corbett.