EDitorial ± 7-Mar-2013

TT1213, Week 20

Last couple of games we've started with only two players, thereby auto-losing three precious points. Given our precarious postiion, this is not good. So great to have Kennedy and Ed and Steve back for tonight's rainy outing to Capel D. Curse that RTA on Norwich Road for making K&E even later.

Lost 4-6 last time: could we maybe grab an extra point or two against consistent Nick, quick Keith The Older and pimply Peter The Younger? In brief:

  • 3/3 for Kennedy, the undoubted star of the night, beating Keith and Nick in straight ends and scrapping out a tactical five-set victory against Peter
  • 1/3 for Ed, awful v. Peter, good v. out-of-sorts Nick, complacent v. Keith to go down 14-12 in the 5th
  • 0/3 for Steve, also losing on a deuce to Keith in the 5th

Apparently Ed and Kennedy had beaten Nick and Peter in the previous doubles. Didn't happen tonight, losing in three tight ends. That'll be another 4-6 then, mighty frustrating given Kennedy's maximum. Memo to Ed and Steve: kick yourselves.