EDitorial ± 8-May-2015

Light Lunches: katiecustard, Saxmundham

Sortie number six to Sax and our situation sucks. Assorted caff c*ck-ups (one asking for pie pre-orders, another closed by midday) have resulted in us wandering like Wordsworth. Along the high street, past the bonzer Bistro and wave to Waitrose, when lo, behold a brightly coloured bicycle.

Come in, says Mrs katiecustard. I'm afraid there's nothing savoury I can offer you, but there's plenty of ice-cream and cake. Not a problem for us light lunch lags, for we've been to the Moon & Sixpence and lived to tell the sandwich-free story. Ice-cream and cake, you say? Let's have both!

Which is what we do, choosing from the wide variety of colourful tubs: salted caramel scoops for Andy and a pistachio cone for myself, instantly taking me back to deepest France. Locally sourced dairy product starters done, we move on to the main course of a red velvet iced cupcake, yum-yum, and a decent looking scone (and jam) (and cream) for the non-diabetic driver. All with a specially brewed pot of fresh coffee on the side, natch. Mrs KC tells us that her habadashery business didn't make it through the recession, hence the new business in the same premises, but it's still tough competing against free tea and coffee on offer in that Waitrose.

There may be nothing salty here today (apart from the posh ice-cream) but she's doing well selling cooked breakfasts on a Sunday morning, apparently, and is considering offering quesadillas. Por que no? Also, the Sax schoolkids love the bubblegum ice-cream once lessons are learned. Did I mention the dog sleeping in the corner? There's a dog sleeping in the corner.

So, very much a work in progress. Stuffed with sugar and feeling pretty fine, time for a quick saunter to the bakery opposite Trinity's for some honest-to-goodness pastry. Never has a humble Suffolk pasty tasted as good.

If it was a car -- Little Tikes Cozy Coupe.
If they were passing by -- Matt Smith.