EDitorial ± 26-Aug-2015

Woodbridge Lunches: Wild Strawberry

This, according to Andy (who came up with the concept), is a Notable Event, being the 300th light lunch outing, give or take. Picture an endless trestle table lined with plate after plate of all-day breakfasts and slices of lemon drizzle. Towards the far right are enough Americanos to sink the USS Arizona, with a smaller nested table laden with small jugs of hot milk. Anyone got a number for "Dr" Gillian McKeith?

So it's back to the start, as Coldplay advised us, with a return trip to the Wild Strawberry, still apparently going great guns after our initial visit 8 years, 3 months and 30 days ago. That was a warm day way back in 2007. Today's squally weather has dampened the outdoor seating and driven all the punters inside. Round the rear for us, minding our hungry heads, to secure a big round Arthurian table. Sadly, their large Chinotto-stocked chiller cabinet has been replaced by a more compact upright behind the counter.

Considering then passing over the sweet potato and red pepper soup, Kev follows my lead and orders the (posh) open sandwich comprising Creasey's bacon, tomato and avocado on a slice of Pump Street sourdough. This combination, dear reader, is to die for, even though Kev sullies his with a dash of Stokes' ketchup. Tasty bit of house-dressed salad on the side, too. Andy, watching his pennies, opts for the cheaper egg mayo and capers (street) closed sandwich, also top notch.

Perhaps contributing to their longevity, there's WiFi, local papers and a noticeboard, plus a couple of bookshelves if you'd like to swap a title. Being Woodbridge, the selection includes works by Picoult, Waters, Hislop and, er, McNab. With a prime window table now free up-front, we switch seats to sample the sweet stuff. Their carrot cake puts others to shame, ditto their macchiato. Lord, that's a jolt. Kev's chest hair is noticeably thriving as he sips his espresso. Mighty fine work by The Strawbs, and Grenvyle would have loved this place. Here's to the next 300!

If it was a car -- Mini Cooper Convertible.
If they were passing by -- Lily Allen.