EDitorial ± 6-Jan-2017

Ipswich Lunches: La Tour Cycle Cafe

Dear cafe owners: the presence of your eatery on our seemingly limitless to-do list does not necessarily imply that we'll ever get round to a visit. Some, like the Christian bookshop cafe at Sax, don't quite open at the right time. Some, like everywhere in Aldeburgh, are a tad too far away. Some, like Ipswich's Bubble Lounge and Darsham's Halfway Cafe, disappear shortly before our arrival.

All credit, then, to La Tour Cycle Cafe for still pedalling hard and staying on two wheels. A lifetime ago, we ate at number 13 with good ol' Grenvyle. Two very large doors up at number 17 (and well set back from the road) stands La Tour, doing their utmost to announce their presence with bikes here, bikes there, bikes every bloomin' where.

Not for us the single long communal table at the front but the big comfy lounge to the rear, home to the infamous Ipswich Writers' Cafe every now and then. Today we're at home with the mothers and toddlers. I was on the business end of some very dirty looks from the highchaired infant at another table. Didn't put me off my decent dhal with leaves and olives and bread, most yum, while Andy and Kev filled their faces with generous hot pulled pork baps.

As I know from many previous authorly visits, Anna provides a tidy selection of freshly made cakes at the busy counter. Slab of lemon, slice of apple and treacle, quality coffee on the side. You should pop in, not only 'cos they do some valuable work for the community but also 'cos the refreshments are respectable. Do La Tour.

If it was a car -- Skoda Superb Tour de France support car.
If they were passing by -- James Fleet.