EDitorial ± 16-Jun-2024

Brighten The Corners Ipswich 2024

Has it really been twelve months since last year's festival? Why yes, yes it has. Had to dig the e-ticket out of my inbox since I'd purchased a super early bird ticket way way back in July 2023, keen bean that I am.

Headed into the newly Premier Town straight after work having spent many hours working my way through the official BTC2024 Spotify playlist. Like that, quite like that, really like that, then the simple matter of translating those preferences to Clashfinder, the modern way.

Day 1 -- Friday

  • (17:40) Arthur Black at St Stephen's -- church is crazy busy pre-6pm to welcome this strident three-piece with their repetitive choruses
  • (18:30) Ugly at St Stephen's -- six of 'em on stage, four with mics; full and joyous choral work; previously seen supporting Black Country, New Road in that Bristol
  • (19:20) CLT DRP at The Baths -- now here's a proper frontman and she's a woman; lascivious, loud, and lewd
  • (19:45) Borough Council at Smokehouse -- serious young men in denial of their audience with their murkily intense and intensively driving and drivingly murky sound
  • (20:15) Honesty at The Baths -- fabulous tech in the form of a big virtual screen (for images and lyrics) behind which they hide; kudos for including RarelyAlways
  • (20:45) Trout at Smokehouse -- as busy as it gets left me zero view from the back; female fronted, I think; left halfway and passed a big queue outside
  • (21:20) Jim at St Stephen's -- late starting; guy next to me asked to take a picture of my Alan Brazil T-shirt; when they appeared, all too smooth and grown-up for me so headed to the chippy
  • (22:25) Art School Girlfriend at St Stephen's -- waited and waited; perhaps this is it, I wondered, more of an art installation, then finally started just as I left to grab a Cosy Club takeaway coffee
  • (23:15) Theon Cross at The Baths -- ex-Sons Of Kemet, Theon's the guy doing outrageous stuff with that tuba; absolutely unique; brief post-midnight chat with Joe Bailey, him who's behind this whole delightful thing

Day 2 -- Saturday

  • (16:25) Man Woman Chainsaw at The Baths -- packed inside; comparisons with Black Country, New Road (them again); loved it
  • (16:55) En Attendant Anna at St Stephen's -- from Paris, you know? completely unexpectedly hit quite the prog groove; mesmeric
  • (17:45) The Brackish at St Stephen's -- guys with guitars; it's a Dave Gilmour tribute competition with all contestants on stage
  • (17:55) Lucy Grubb at Cornhill -- sweet country sounds in the open air; heard mention of the Mason Dixon line
  • (18:40) Tapir at St Stephen's -- had to queue to get in then treated to strong melodies with occasional trumpet
  • (19:15) Divorce at Corn Exchange -- clearly used to a large stage, emitted Radio 2 vibes; pro performance with a commanding singer
  • (19:35) Mary In The Junkyard at St Stephen's -- distinctive voice and looks with a pleasing sound
  • (19:55) Lambrini Girls at Corn Exchange -- girl punks, no messing but much moshing; encouraged gay legends to come forward and for everyone to flip the police: mighty powerful
  • (20:25) C Turtle at Smokehouse -- splintering guitars filled that tiny room; give 'em more space next time
  • (21:15) Ebbb at Smokehouse -- humungous noise from guy with drummer, lead man appearing possessed with his moves; torture in a fun way

...and still missed Ibibio Sound Machine, Shame and Coach Party.

TBH I had planned to catch one or two more bands after Ebbb but my ears were telling me enough, no more, 'tis not so sweet as it was before. Hence headed home to watch the Scotland 1-5 Germany highlights. Pleased to see Fullkrug on the scoresheet since I'd tipped him as the leading Euro 2024 scorer.

Town absolutely buzzes during Brighten The Corners. Let's keep this going.