EDitorial ± 1-Oct-2001

Change Of Address

As Caesar so memorably put it, "Veni, vidi, vici": I came, I saw, I conkered. For that was how this whole wordy business kicked off one year ago. Back in September 2000, I'd taken some digi-pix of a big bunch of conkers that me & the gals had collected, and was so pleased with the results that I egotistically posted them on the web.

'Course, I couldn't content myself with only the snaps. I looked up the only bit of Keats I know, about autumn being the "season of mists and mellow fruitfulness", threw in some vaguely relevant links, and voila! Needing some sort of title for this bite-sized page, the still-rampant ego suggested a name: an EDitorial.

I'd grown frustrated with a couple of my previous efforts on the web, largely because they didn't change a great deal. So, this time, I thought I'd try to do a weekly update, to keep things fresh. Monday night became web night. Assuming I can still count (A-level grade A maths, though never understood parabolas), this is EDitorial #51.

Official registration details

Oh, and hopefully you've noticed a few minor changes in the decor? Please say you have. Using subtle tones and tints, not to mention great swathes of MDF, Carol Smillie and the team have worked miracles. The chintz has been chucked.

Given that you've made it this far, you'll have alredy negotiated the other big change, that of the address. Yep, freston.net is now where it's at. Hands up who had the old address as a bookmark? Oh.

Be seeing you!