EDitorial ± 18-Mar-2002

Hold The Front Page

Newspapers: great, aren't they? For the price of a can of Dr Pepper's finest you can gain access to the insights of dedicated journalists around the world. Those wizened hacks are out there, on the edge, asking those questions that really demand answers, simply to bring you the very latest on rigged elections, the Middle East conflict and that nice Will Young.

Published in London and Manchester

Every night the presses roll, knocking out thousands more words on hundreds more stories. Which can present a problem. You see, I don't like to throw away the paper until I've wrung it dry of news. A casual flick through from national through international to business to sport is fine if time is pressing, but not enough to merit relegation to the recycling pile.

If you wanna know about the mad punk rockers
If you wanna know how to play guitar
If you wanna know 'bout any other suckers
You can read it in the Sunday papers
— Sunday Papers, Joe Jackson

Is it obvious that we're talking broadsheets, not red-tops? I'd guess that it can't take long to "do" the Currant Bun, and perhaps its 4,000,000 readers will back me up. Even buying the paper only on Thursdays and Saturdays quickly leads to a plethora of newspulp. Chatting to the other Guardian reader at work, I was relieved to hear that he shares my reluctance-to-bin. His strategy is to tear out articles to read at some unspecified future time, resulting in pile after pile around the house.

One answer is to digest the day's news online. Which is fine (for short periods) at work, but doesn't compare to lying back in a hot bath while reading the latest column by the Junior Doctor. Now that's good clean fun, if a little inky.

Be seeing you!