EDitorial ± 30-Jul-2002

Do Not Stand Forward Of The Driver

That weekend now behind us: bloomin' scorchio! Had some friends down to stay who I first met at university, back in the days of The Housemartins (spotted an ad for a Paul Heaton solo album last week), Sly & Robbie (byre! cow shed!) and Crocodile Dundee. Gotta love those '80s.

Time for one last look at the weather:

I'd like to sup with my baby tonight
And play the pup with my baby tonight
But I ain't up to my baby tonight
'Cause it's too darn hot
— Cole Porter, Too Darn Hot

Fine vista from the Orwell Bridge shortly after letting fly of some coloured balloons and watching them sail out over the river: whee!

Far too sticky and much too late for any coherent, acerbic or witty thoughts, so resorting to a pseudo-random list of events, repetitions and foodstuffs from the past seventy-two hours:

  1. ice cream: Haagen-Dazs (Friday), Saturday (Peter's, Ben & Jerry's), Sunday (Alder Carr Farm)
  2. Q: does every book group read Girl With A Pearl Earring?
  3. drink: rhubarb and apple, elderflower presse, red Schloer
  4. open-top bus ride around Ipswich highly recommended: great views, informative commentary, and guaranteed windy on the bridge
  5. gift jars: Country Puddings chocolate fudge sauce, Cumberland honey mustard garlic, Demels hot & spicy mango chutney
  6. Q: how far north does Waitrose go?
  7. denied doughnuts at Felixstowe
  8. three Ds on CD: David Bowie (nominated for the Mercury!), Doves, and the Divine Comedy (appearing at the Edinburgh festival)
  9. playgrounds: Christchurch Park and the Abbey Gardens in Bury, both boiling
  10. that's the way we do things here
  11. bedtime: pumps, cushions, and little children re-appearing time and time again
  12. free fireworks and proms parachutists (new Coldplay album due v. soon)
  13. food: lentil lasagne (where's the meat?), salty monkfish, and flame-grilled BBQ (though several sausages were lost to the gravel)

Be seeing you!