EDitorial ± 6-Aug-2002

By The Sea, By The Sea

Sunday storms & showers so hit the Scenic in search of wholesome indoor family fun armed with a kids-go-free voucher for Sea Life. Heading to the coast, we'd all changed into chilly-by-the-sea clothes, as you do. Of course, when the Broomwagon rolled into Great Yarmouth an hour and a bit later, it was cloud-free and piping hot. So it goes.

Sea Life has something for everyone: the bay of rays, curious fish fellas who happily surface to eye the visitors; the walk through think tank, where the sharks swim overhead; and (new for 2002) the lair of the octopus, who managed to scare at least two of the kids, heh heh.

But a resort like Yarmouth isn't about being educated and informed, no sirree bob. As generations have done before, we dutifully sashayed around the time-warped model village of Merrivale licking our 99s (the boy dropped his, being much more excited about the non-stop model train) before strolling along to the pleasure beach.

Just a coupla kids enjoying the rides on the pleasure beach   Sampled some doughnuts - you have to - but still preferred the ones down at Felixstowe

Early evening and the beach looked very inviting   TXWho?

That rollercoaster's still there, the one that I went on just the once with my brother and dad thinking this can't be all bad, then turned green once we'd zoomed down the first incline. But the old water chute, which I'm sure was featured in an episode of The Prisoner once, has disappeared. Had to tear the wife away from the fairground game where you roll the balls down the holes to make the horses move though, to her credit, she did win a race.

Final high point was finding the old bumpy snail ride still in action at the other end of the prom. I would think that spares for this are becoming mighty hard to find by now, so get there while you can. Thumbs aloft for Great Yarmouth!

Be seeing you!