EDitorial ± 30-Jun-2003

Sunny Boy

Son & heir, variously known as The Boy, Boysy, Monkey Boy, etc., turned three at the weekend. Doesn't seem that long since he was taking his first steps. Time surely flies. There's also been a fresh addition to his already extensive nomenclature — better check my syllable quota at the end of this — Spider-Boy.

Battling the forces of evil, especially on your birthday, takes its toll on a young body

He got what every 36-month-old male must surely crave: a shiny bike and a Spider-Man outfit. The assorted train & Robert The Construction Engineer paraphernalia goes without saying, naturally.

Climb up on my knee, sonny boy
Although you're only three, sonny boy
— The Smiths, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

(for those paying close attention: I realise the same band have supplied the quote for the last two weeks, but they're The Smiths!)

Being the competitive show-off dad that I am, I took a handful of digital pictures on the morning of the big day, then handpicked the best one and emailed it to family members (though I didn't think to include the Bentleys or the Hanleys, who both took umbrage at being left out). Chosen snap showed The Boy in superhero garb riding round the living room on two wheels. Later that day, this photo was sent back to me:

...does whatever a spider can...

Big tip-of-the-hat to Neil "The Peel" Klotz, who performed Photoshop wonders removing all traces of Theo's scratch from his nose. And for seamlessly placing The Boy into the webbed feet of Peter Parker. Quality work. Just hope that Neil remembers that with great power comes great responsibility.

Be seeing you!