EDitorial ± 13-Oct-2003

Quite A Relaxing Time

This just in – another clipping from your local news machine:

Local family claim to have had "quite a relaxing time"

Quality time achieved despite odds

What could have been a tiresome and frustrating day out turned unexpectedly into a rather pleasant Sunday yesterday for a local family-of-five.
      Three-year-old Theo was taken to the cinema for the very first time by his parents. Accompanied by his much more experienced film-going older sisters, the family pre-booked for a late morning showing of Finding Nemo at the UGC.

Wet, he was a star
One of the stars of the "hit" film, Finding Nemo

      Anticipating much fidgeting and chattering, Ed Broom, 37, took his son to the gents five minutes before the start of the film. Mr Broom, an IT engineer, said: "I really thought that the boy would not be able to concentrate for the full 90 minutes, but he did remarkably well."
      While his sisters Ella, 8, and Rose, 6, kept their eyes glued to the big screen throughout, Theo insisted on one more toilet trip after three-quarters of an hour. Mr Broom added: "We missed no more than five minutes, I'd say. Apparently there was a shoal of fish that rearranged itself in amusing ways, but I'll catch up with that bit when the video comes out."
"All in all, we had quite a relaxing time"
Gail Broom, mother-of-three

      There was a brief moment of tension when Theo asked "Can we go home now?", but fortunately the film was nearing the end and Gail Broom, 36, had a handful of sweets left to placate the lad.
      Asked for his thoughts on the film, Theo said: "I like the shark. Where's the shark"? Failing to come up with a suitable answer, Mr and Mrs Broom herded the children to the nearby Pizza Express.
      This second excursion also went smoothly, so much so that Mrs Broom was heard to remark to the family: "Well, this is nice." Given the success of the day, it is reported that the Brooms may be planning a further trip, perhaps for Looney Tunes: Back In Action.
      If readers can help Theo with the location of Bruce, the scary shark, please write in.