EDitorial ± 4-Oct-2004

The Kitten Ate My EDitorial

Not at the races? Off the ball? Mind not entirely on the job? September, you say? But that would mean I've been away for a whole month? It was horrible. The experiments they carried out: ugh. That'll teach me to mould mountainous objects out of mashed potato.

Top Ten Reasons For No Updates In September

  1. wanted to give the new kitten as much attention as possible
  2. involved in protracted contract negotiations with Patrick Vieira
  3. out harvesting
  4. working in the shed on my failed attempt to win the X-Prize
  5. concentrated on sorting out my company finances
  6. paperwork involved in filing for divorce from Britney
  7. wrote one each week but didn't get delivered by Royal Mail
  8. trying to get in the right mental zone for the new ping-pong season
  9. overslept
  10. couldn't face my public after crashing out of the marathon

Be seeing you!