EDitorial ± 24-Jun-2005

King Of The Cycle Path

5.40pm and I'm on the Claud Butler, heading home. Realise there's another peddler behind me, and he looks to have the full kit and caboodle: lycra shorts and even a yellow jersey. Time to engage Eddy Merckx mode.

So, over the stretch of unmade-up road, and I'm first on to the cycle path. Up from 4th to 5th, then 6th & 7th. I'm breathing hard, travelling a teensy bit faster than I usually would if no-one else were around, and staying ahead.

Down and up the first underpass, being sure to keep those pedals turning on both the descent and ascent. Never taken the uphill part as quickly before, and glad there's nobody walking on the other side as I veer out and on to the pedestrian half.

Beginning to slow as we approach underpass two: he's still in position 2 of 2. Reach the end of the path and slingshot out into the road. I can now freewheel and let him pass, which he does.

"Nice riding", I imagine him saying as he swooshes past.