EDitorial ± 4-Jul-2005

If You See Syd

I think it went pretty well on Saturday, given the sheer scale of it. Sure, the timing went a little awry, and maybe the language was a little choice on occasions, and yep, the clean-up operation took a while. The important thing was that those who attended enjoyed themselves, going home tired & happy. And that's all you can ask of a 5-year-old's birthday party.

Live 8 was great too, of course. They didn't want my money, though I still felt better having bought a couple of M.P.H. white bands in Oxfam earlier that day. Also good karma to download the live and fresh Sgt Pepperlater that evening.

My own highlight: the venerable Pink Floyd. As the event wore on and the list of acts still to play scrolled along the bottom of the screen, their long-awaited (re)appearance was getting no closer. Then suddenly, post Robbie and Roger D, there was Rick and Roger W. Us on the sofa were transfixed for the next 20 minutes, smiles on faces, willing that sound not to end.

Credit to the BBC cameraman for that long shot of Battersea Power Station. And as Waters dedicated Wish You Were Here to, among others, Syd Barrett, we wondered if he might be watching somewhere in Cambridge. Hey, I know those guys in the dry ice.