EDitorial ± 4-Sep-2005

Day 4 === The Flaming Fourth

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A day of accomplishments, both virtual and physical. Managed to keep my word about preparing a new web page for a client and so sent them the email asking for comments. My first design was thought to be too "arty and clever", attributes to which I usually strive. They wanted a look suggesting calm, peace and tranquility: serenity now! Will see how the latest attempt is received.

With wife and her mate keeping fit by biking to Felixstowe, I decided to do my bit by tidying the back passage, ahem. Therein you would have found a large broken flowerpot, a carrier bag of rusted hubcaps, some old trellis, and the mother-in-law of all spiders hanging out near the drainpipe. Don't look for them anymore: they're gone, like William Tell, to the dump to the dump to the dump dump dump.

Much later, after a rare outing for the paddling pool (couple of minor punctures: I did my best with the repair kit but failed to remove the backing tape from the patch, curse the little black square), out came a disposable barbecue. Side of the box calls it a "barbacoa instantanea grigliapronta", which might earn me a future visit from the Spanish version of Dave Gorman.

Nifty VHS documentary tonight: Stuffing The World, doing for taxidermy what Spellbound did for US spelling bees. No bees or wasps in sight, but pretty much everything else you might come across in Colchester Zoo and beyond: coyote, polar bear, dozens of deer, and even an extinct Irish elk. Some gruesome scenes of skinning, and some sickening footage of a Texan shooting dead first a lion then a leopard in South Africa. Star of the show was the 2003 World Champ from Switzerland, a prize stuffer of fish back living with his parents after a divorce and undergoing a personal crisis.

Caught five minutes of Jaws, well worth it for the Chief Brody tracking shots and the entrance of Robert Shaw: I'll catch that fish for three, etc.