EDitorial ± 5-Sep-2005

Day 5 === The Fitting Fifth

First Monday of the ninth month means it's time to get Back In The Jug Agane. Cue packed lunches, art aprons and the search for correctly sized plimsolls. Year 1 / day 1 for The Boy, who was in good spirits, ignorant of the interminable terms ahead of him. He even ate his breakfast, a continental selection of BBQed sausage & chicken, at the dining table. One small step.

Middler proudly premiered her studded ears: I'm guessing she joins the pierced majority. Must ask her to conduct a straw poll of her fellow pupils.

Meanwhile, eldest tells me that while performing some responsible lunchtime task with a friend of hers involving registers, they came across a little boy, crying. Was his very first day in the new school, and he'd been searching the playground & corridors for his older brother, unaware that big bro' had been taken sick and gone home. They grabbed the nearest teacher who promptly took charge, but what a sad story. Let's hope the lad isn't too traumatised in later life.

Current CNPS score: 7. Meaning that I'm now on the lookout for an eight. Which is similar to when I finish reading and insert the bookmark at the current page, typically an end of chapter. It's very wrong to advance the 'mark to the next page. Discuss.