EDitorial ± 6-Dec-2005

Christmas Quiz 2005

It's that time of year, ain't it? Gigantic Santa Claus inflatables lurk menacingly outside terraced houses, racks of flashing reindeer go nowhere fast atop flat-roofed garages, and there's no Nintendogs to be had for love nor money.

You know what's been missing, apart from the Radio Times double edition? That's right, the traditional (three years in a row, natch) Christmas Quiz, lovingly compiled by yours truly.

Well, here it is for 2005.

It's another episode in the not remotely autobiographical life of Billy Diamond: your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fill in the gaps with Beatles songs. Entry is totally free --- use the cunningly devised online form --- and you have until the end of December. Oh, and there's a £20 Amazon voucher for the first all-correct entry pulled out of the inbox.

Have fun, and tell your friends (and possibly even your family?) too.