EDitorial ± 4-Jan-2006

Just Gone Five Past Eight

Back to work: yay! Not. Esp. when the trusty bicycle, on reversing from The Shed, revealed its flat rear tyre. Depressed or what.

Much agonising followed: walk into town and take the bus? Take the car and force spouse + kids to bike to the flicks? Fix puncture? Only joking with that last one, of course! Me, dirty my lily-white hands?

Or, cunningly, reinflate tyre with sonic pump and chance it...? Oh yes. Stood up on the five min journey to the town centre, where further agonising followed: leave bike outside the library and take the bus? Or risk it still further and try cycling the remaining six miles to work?

Correct answer there was the unlabelled (b), keep riding. Made it to the Tower of Power that is Adastral Park, or more specifically to the bike shop down the road, who kindly applied their healing powers for only a tenner while I slaved away doing whatever it is I do.

So, how do you value your time?