EDitorial ± 1-Mar-2006

Dolmio, Feb 2006

First of a new month and cue the first in a regular as Bran Flakes series named Dolmio, standing for Doings Of Last Month Innoparticular Order.

In other words, an attempt to capture past(a) events before they slip... my... mind. So, February 2006 was spent:

  • applying Locoid ointment to eczema patches exacerbated by too many late nights
  • listening to the Randy Newman Songbook, a Thomas Dolby interview at Shingle Street, the Arctic Monkeys' A Certain Romance, and podcasts from They Might Be Giants
  • coaching The Boy for his Friday spelling test after he scored 1/10
  • consuming homemade Danish pastries and lemon & poppy muffins from the station buffet
  • weeping, very nearly, after spilling an entire cuppa coffee from the same station buffet
  • tutting at the Grange Farm library vandals who took the handles
  • illuminating bike front wheel with my wondrous Tirefly reflector
  • fitting a Bales catch on the back door, myself, successfully
  • imbibing Lemsip Max for temporary relief from streaming nose
  • watching The Princess Bride ("inconceivable!"), Curse Of The Were-Rabbit, Classic Albums on Night At The Opera and DSOTM, House with that bloke from Office Space, and the lovely My Name Is Earl
  • enjoying business jargon such as "sustained market traction"
  • searching for a baseball jacket as worn by Michael J Fox in Spin City
  • lambasting Andrew Collins for his blog's fishwife language
  • figuring out how to obtain a new tin of spearmint Altoids

And that was February.