EDitorial ± 19-Apr-2006

My Washing Up Hell

Yesterday was a day off, slackly supervising sixteen kids celebrating the final 24 hours of their eggy break, of which a fair chunk was frittered away prodding that triumphant time-saving device, the dishwasher.

Was about to load up on Monday evening when my eagle eye made out a thwacking puddle of mucky water in the base of the machine. Bother. The manual, easily found in the Big Brown Box of Instruction Books, natch, helpfully suggested a blocked or kinked hose or filter problems or a jammed pump -- so no clues for the uninitiated. Strictly need to know. So was resigned to finding some squirty Fairy and plunging my never-seen-a-day's-work hands into the foam. Good chance to catch up on more Mark Radcliffe than I'd usually hear.

Come the harsh light of Tuesday am, let's see what Google "bosch dishwasher troubleshooting" reveals. A-ha, could be Un Objet (a foreign object) under the filter. Step one: sponge away excess water, done. Step two: remove Torx 20 screws. You what? I talk flat head and Philips in this house, and that's it. Pop to friendly neighbours for manly discussion of appliance depreciation, returning with a shiny set of Torx thingies. Out they come, but filter doesn't want to pop out. Bother again.

Long story short-ish: phoned a professional -- blah blah integral blah blah splishy water blah blah help -- who turned up today, did his special stuff and now it *should* work once more, heavens be praised.

Phrase came up in a lunchtime discussion today which resonated, struck a chord and rung a bell. Those four words:

More To Go Wrong
Ain't that the truth.